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NEW Cygnet® ILF HD-Module

Our newest Cygnet® software version 2.0 is released now and includes the ILF HD-module for even better and faster effects.

Cygnet® 2.0 can also be used with NeuroAmp®I. Only the now included new HD module requires NeuroAmp®II. Make sure, that your PC complies to the PC requirements before downloading the software.

All previous functionalities of the older Cygnet® versions are kept and the existing modules remain when updating to version 2.0

Note that the strategy for the reward frequency settings is different from ILF! The settings from the ILF module can not be resumed!

That is why we fundamentally changed the color scheme. Please make sure that you familiarize yourself with the new approach before using it.

Therefore, we recommend:
a) Attendance of the advanced course
b) the new protocol guide ILF HD, which is online now

Also, we put together a little quick start guide.
Note: it does not replace a course and intensive study of the protocol guide ILF HD or clinical supervision

Cygnet® Software for NeuroAmp

Cygnet®  is the pinnacle of Neurofeedback software. It is a in the European Union and USA approved medical product and a fusion of powerful tools and simple control designed with the Clinician and everyday practice in mind. Intuitive layout and controls allow for effortless use of advanced neurofeedback protocols along side with for us developed feedback games.

Developed by the original designers of NeuroCybernetics, Cygnet®  is the culmination of over 20 years of Neurofeedback practice and research. We have listened intently to the desires of clients and clinicians all over the globe and have designed Cygnet®  to meet your needs. 


Product Features:

  • Intuitive reward band slider with spectral display
  • Select reward center frequency down to 0.01 Hz
  • Change from game to game midsession 
  • Artifact inhibit cuts out eye blinks
  • Minimal computer skills required   

Order no. EE20-S-11    CHF  1190,00 excl. VAT/  EUR   1000,00 excl. VAT per NeuroAmp® 

The EUR prices are valid for shipments within the EU Member States only.
For all other countries the CHF prices apply.

All prices excluding VAT at the currently applicable rate and excluding shipping costs.