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Battery powered, ultra flexible, stand alone device for performing patient progress tracking and continuous performance test with unprecedented accuracy.

The average response time, variability of response time, number of commission errors and number of omission errors will be displayed. Speed, accuracy and consistency are all being measured, and will be compared to norms after the full test.

Unit can run a wide variety of test sequences with any combination of light and sound
Visual stimulus: High brightness 3x3 LED display
Auditory stimulus: Three channel sound generator driving internal speaker as well as stereo headphones (optional)
High precision two-channel reaction measurements
Upload test results to for full reports.
Those reports are with costs (once-only costs per client)! For more information about costs, see EEG Expert website.

As a therapist you need multiple sources of information for your work with patients and clients in order to get a comprehensive overview. You get valuable results from the evaluation of permanent attention tests.

With the QIKtest your client performs a 21-minute permanent attention test – during which every of the 600 reactions are being monitored with high percision. The shown QIKtest device is lightweight and sits comfortably in the hand thanks to its rounded shape. The patient reacts to the optical flares with the buttons on the right and left side. The device can be charged via USB. 

As soon as the test results are saved, you can upload them for evaluation on 

On the website EEG Expert you create a record (with costs) for each client. Then you have as many tests with QIKtest and symptom tracking without additional costs. All you need is a PC or Apple Computer with access to the internet. For more information about the costs, see EEG Expert website.

Automatically you receive for every test a 6-page record with coloured charts, explanatory comments and the exact number of credits.

EEG Expert provides you with versatile documents for your records, for your collegues or for your patients and clients, either printed out or as a pdf-document.

The standard base is greater than 20,000. The underlying tests are from the years 2008-2014. The standard is carried out for both sexes and for ages between 5-99 years. The standard was created in 2014 and is NOT Gauss-based.

EEG Expert QIKtest-Flyer

In order to view the flyer please click here (PDF 493 KB).



Continous Performance Test (CPT) and Sample Report

Essays by Siegfried Othmer


Order no. BE10-G-30

CHF   869,00 excl. VAT
EUR   750,00 excl. VAT

Additional charges for Symptom tracking reports will occur.

The EUR prices are valid for shipments within the EU Member States only.
For all other countries the CHF prices apply.

All prices excluding VAT at the currently applicable rate and excluding shipping costs.