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EEG Electrodes

In neurofeedback therapy the measurement of very low frequencies plays an increasingly important role. Every electrode produces galvanic voltages that change over time. These fluctuations in voltage interfere with the EEG signal and distort it, mainly at low frequencies. It is scientifically proven that of all electrode materials the sintered silver/silver chloride produces the lowest galvanic voltages and is therefore best suited for measuring low frequencies. The purchase price for sintered electrodes is higher than for conventional electrodes. But, the lifetime of the sintered electrodes is considerably longer. You can read more detailed information on this subject >here<

Sintered electrodes are also very well suited for use with the SuSaCap. For this application we recommend our mushroom electrodes. Their pins are simply stuck through the screw threads of the SuSa cap and provide an excellent contact.

For training at "high" frequencies, which means neurofeedback above 3Hz, including Alpha-Theta-training, the standard gold or silver electrodes are completely sufficient. Also the low cost (not sintered) AgCl electrodes, that we purchase in China, are very well suited for these purposes. 

Electrodes are consumables with limited lifetime. Lifetime depends on how the electrodes are handeled. Electrodes are non-returnable!

1 or 2 channel Electrode sets, sintered

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Mushroom electrode, sintered

Order no. EE30-E-100  

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Earclip electrode, Ag/AgCl sintered

Order no. EE30-E-110   

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