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The NeuroAmpII®  is an in the European Union and USA approved medical product (CE Class IIa, FDA Class II)

The aim of the development of the EEG NeuroAmp was to provide a device for everyday therapy, that is easy to use and at the same time offers all necessary functions. These functions are:

  • Two-channel EEG amplifier 32bit resolution, 165dB dynamic range, 1Msps
  • Impedance meter
  • Eight peripheral input channels, 5V, 24bit resolution each
  • Eight outputs for e.g. tactile feedback

The EEG amplifiers contain carefully designed filters for optimal noise rejection and good signal quality.

The impedance meter indicates the contact resistance of each electrode separately on a bright and easy to read display.

There are eight additional inputs for peripheral biofeedback sensors such as GSR, temperature or HEG.

The output for connecting tactile feedback devices is easily programmable and leave the audio output of the computer free for the audio feedback.

General features

  • Easy to use
  • Designed with care to ensure good EEG signal quality
  • Fulfills all relevant standards for medical devices and is offically approved as medical device

EEG amplifier

  • Two high-resolution low-noise channels, DC, no 1/f
  • No operating controls - remote controlled by PC software
  • Low input noise, DC coupled amplifier
  • Short settling time
  • Anti-aliasing filters, 165dB dynamic range

Impedance meter

  • Large impedance range (<5k...100k)
  • Bright, easy to read LED display for each
  • Balance display for optimal noise canceling
  • Compensation of galvanic electrode voltages and line interference
  • Warning in case of bad (worn out) electrodes

Peripheral sensors

  • Four sockets
  • Voltage outputs for active sensors
  • Filters for optimum noise canceling

Analog feedback outputs

  • 8 Programmable analog outputs
  • DC: -2.5 to +2.5V, 50mA
  • AC: 1…250 Hz, max 5Vss

Power supply

  • Automatic power-off
  • Powered by USB-port, no batteries needed